Beta Code
Beta Code
Passion, Italian style and technology
Beta Code
The instruments Beta Code uses in order to plan, design and develop successful products for different world markets are passion, Italian style and technology.

Beta Code industrial designers, technicians and engineers follow up the product development process thanks to resources and equipments that are constantly updated, the everyday design instruments as well as the laboratories performing the tests for project completion.

Style applies to different kind of products by means of a unique code, focusing on both function and target. Beta Code shares its technologic skills between specific divisions, each one with peculiar know-how and instruments.

The "cooling", division is addressed to refrigeration industry, while the “cooking” division to the production of cookers and ovens and the “styling ed engineering” division to different industrial sectors from household electrical appliances to electro-medical equipments, from heat exchangers to home furnishing.

Each division follows up the whole design process with the greatest accuracy and practice, in team with the others, and benefits from a plurality of skills that apply to different projects, even the most complex ones, with the greatest flexibility.

The long experience in design guarantees Beta Code reliability in the follow up of every phase of a project, from concept to product, from market research to styling, from mechanical drawings to prototypes and lab tests, together with the technical consulting and assistance that lead to the industrialization phase.

For these reasons Beta Code is mainly addressed to household appliances and professional equipments, but also to many other industrial sectors.